Family Law

Autumn Quarter 1999 | University of Washington School of Law | Prof. James Hardisty

WHAT THIS PAGE IS: One student's study guide, posted and updated as often as possible on the World Wide Web, including an encapsulation of each day's lecture, case briefs and definitions of key terms and concepts. Watch this space for any announcements from class and other goodies as follow below.

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WHAT THIS PAGE IS NOT: An officially sanctioned page produced with any special assistance of Prof. Hardisty or the University of Washington School of Law.

On the remaining two days of class, Prof. Hardisty called on nobody, but instead engaged in a "two minute offense", rattling off the holdings of the cases at the end of the book. Happy studying!

The exam will be held on Tuesday, December 14 at 8:30 a.m. (according to a preliminary schedule issued on October 1). Examples of past exams are available on the UW Law Library exam archive.

Prof. Hardisty

  • Insanity as a Divorce Defense, 12 J. Fam. L. 1 (1972)
  • Mental Illness: A Legal Fiction, 48 Wash. L. Rev. 735 (1973)
  • Reflections on Stare Decisis, 55 Ind. L. J. 41 (1979)
  • The Effect of Future Orientation on the American Reformation of English Judicial Method, 30 Hastings L.J. 523 (1979)

Cass R. Sunstein, Sexual Orientation and the Constitution: A Note on the Relationship Between Due Process and Equal Protection, 55 U.Chi.L.R. 1161

Amy Eppler, Battered Women and the Equal Protection Clause: Will the Constitution Help Them When the Police Won't?, 95 Yale L.J. 788 (1986)

James T.R. Jones, Battered Spouses' State Law Damage Actions Against the Unresponsive Police, 23 Rutgers L.J. 1 (1991)

Alf Ross, Tu-Tu, 70 Harv.L.R. 812 (1957)

West's Family Law in a Nutshell (3d edition) (Nutshell Series) as well as the Encyclopædia Britannica entry for "Family Law."