The following outline tracks that of the assigned casebook, "Family Law" by David Westfall and is supplemented with a few additions including: (1) a notation of the day on which each case was discussed; (2) a link to that day's entry in the Journal and (3) a link to a brief of each case. The number in parentheses following each case represents the page on which it can be found in the casebook.

    Chapter 1. Family Law and the Constitution
    1. The Equal Protection Clause
      1. Gender
        William H. Orr v. Lillian M. Orr (3) [Monday, September 27]
        L. Tribe, American Constitutional Law
        Michael M. v. Superior Court (11) [Monday, September 27; Tuesday, September 28]
        Note on Statutory Rape
      2. Nonmarital birth
        Cheryln Clark v. Gene Jeter (18)
      3. Age and Disability
    2. Protection of the Right to Privacy and Personhood
      1. Abortion and Birth Control
        Hugh Carey v. Population Services International (21)
        Planned Parenthood v. Robert Casey (31)
        Glendon, A World Without Roe
        Comment on Practical Availability of Abortion
        Comment on Defining "Person" to Include Unborn Individual
      2. Sexual Behavior and Orientation
        Michael J. Bowers v. Michael Hardwick (56) [Wednesday, September 29]
        Note on Sodomy as a Crime
        Note on Discrimination Against Homosexuals After Bowers v. Hardwick
        L. Tribe, American Constitutional Law § 15-21
      3. Martial Status (76)
        Linda Littlejohn v. Jack Rose (76) [Thursday, September 30]
      4. The Right to Refuse Medical Treatment
        Nancy Cruzan v. Director, Missouri Dept. of Health (78) [Thursday, September 30]
    Chapter 2. Other Sources of Family Law
    1. The Legal Model of the Family
      1. Family Members' Individual Rights and Obligations Under State Law
      2. Federal Law and Family Structure
      3. Income Taxes
      4. Wealth Transfer Taxes
      5. Uniform and Model Acts
      6. Legal Actors and Their Roles
        1. Courts
          Lydia McGuire v. Charles W. McGuire (100) [Friday, October 1]
        2. Law Enforcement Officers
          Note on Police, Prosecutors and Domestic Violence
          Kathie E. Raucci v. Town of Rotterdam (107) [Friday, October 1]
    2. Physicians and Social Workers
      Joshua DeChaney v. Winnebago County Dept. of Social Services (114) [Monday, October 4]
      Oren, The State's Failure to Protect Children and Substantive Due Process: DeShaney in Context.
    3. Religious Doctrine as a Source of Family Law
      1. Catholic
        Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World
      2. Jewish
        Feldman, Jewish Women and Secular Courts: Helping a Jewish Woman Obtain a Get
    4. Conflicts Between Religious Doctrine and Civil Law
      1. Regulation of Divorce
        Susan R. Avitzur v. Boaz Avitzur (134) [Tuesday, October 5]
      2. Regulation of Marriage
        George Reynolds v. United States
        Note on Bigamy and Polygamy
      3. Regulation of Parental Conduct
        Wisconsin v. Jonas Yoder [Wednesday, October 6]
        Laurie G. Walker v. Superior Court [Wednesday, October 6]

    Chapter 3. Formation of a "Family" Relationship
    1. Alternative Definitions of "Family"
      1. Married Couples and Their Children
      2. Nonmarital Partners
        Miguel Braschi v. Stahl Associates Company [Wednesday, October 6]
        Note on Legal Recognition of Gay and Lesbian Relationships
      3. Extended Families and Other Relational Interests
        Village of Belle Terre v. Bruce Boraas [Wednesday, October 6]
        Inez Moore v. City of East Cleveland, Ohio (175) [Wednesday, October 6]
        Note on the Definition of "Family" in Zoning Ordinances
        Note on Foster Parents and Children: Smith v. OFFER
    2. Breach of Promise
      Maria Wightman v. Joshua Coates (182) [Thursday, October 7]
      L.L. Standard v. Raymond J. Bolin (183) [Thursday, October 7]
      Note on Breach of Promise Actions
    Chapter 4. Who May Marry
    1. Constitutional Protection of the Right to Marry
      Richard Loving v. Virginia (189) [Thursday, October 7]
      Zablocki v. Redhail (191) [Thursday, October 7]
      Constitutionality of Indirect Restraints: Califano v. Jobst (196)
      Note on Restrictions on Marriage of Prison Inmates
    2. Direct Restraints on Marriage
      1. Age, Competence and Incest
        Developments in the Law—The Constitution and the Family
        Note on Incest and Conflict of Laws
      2. Gender-Based Restrictions
        Richard J. Baker v. Gerald Nelson (203) [Friday, October 8]
        Comment: Baehr v. Lewin
      3. Procedural Requirements: Common Law Marriage
        In re Estate of Harold L. Garges (206) [Monday, October 11]
        Note on Common Law Marriage
        Note on Confidential Marriage
    3. Governmentally Imposed Indirect Restraints on Marriage
      Washington Statewide Organization of Stepparents v. Smith (209) [Tuesday, October 12]
      Note on Support Obligations of Stepparents
    4. Antinepotism Rules in Public and Private Employment
      Wexler, Husbands and Wives: The Uneasy Case for Antinepotim Rules
    5. Indirect Restraints in Wills and Trust Agreements
      1. Absolute Restraints on Marriage
        1. Widows and Widowers
        2. Single Persons
      2. Partial Restraints on Marriage
        1. Particular Persons or Groups
        2. Age or Consent
      3. Interpreting the Language of the Restraint
        1. Support for Unmarried Women
        2. Distinctions Between Conditions and Limitations
          Note on Agreements Promoting Marriage or Remaining Married
    Chapter 5. Legal Consequences of Marriage
    Baker, Promulgating the Marriage Contract
    1. Property Rights and Creditors' Claims
      1. Classification of Property
        1. Community Property States
        2. Common Law States
      2. Pre-dissolution Consequences of Classification
        1. Management of Community Property
        2. Gifts
          1. Community Property States
          2. Common law states
      3. Creditors' Claims
        1. Community Property States
          Note on Reimbursement of Non-Debtor Spouse for Use of Community Property to Satisfy Separate Debts
        2. Common Law States
          Note on Evaluating the Community Property System
    2. Support of Spouses and Children
    3. Torts and Crimes
      1. Inter-Spousal Torts
        Mary B. Mims v. Robert F. Mims (240) [Tuesday, October 12]
        Lesa R. Davis v. John Bostick (242) [Wednesday, October 13]
        William E. Twyman v. Shelia K. Twyman (243) [Wednesday, October 13]
      2. Inter-Spousal Rape
        People v. Mario Liberta (248) [Wednesday, October 13]
      3. Tortious Injuries to Marital Interests by Third Parties
        Mary A. Rodriguez v. Bethlehem Steel Corporation (257) [Thursday, October 14]
        Theodore P. Fundermann v. Gordon Mickelson (261) [Thursday, October 14]
        Note on Alienation of Affections and Criminal Conversation
      4. Post-Modern Injuries to Marital Interests
        Deborah S. Brotherton v. Frank P. Cleveland (266) [Thursday, October 14]
    4. Evidentiary Consequences of Marriage
      1. Privilege as to Testimony by Spouses
      2. Privilege as to Confidential Marital Consequences
    Chapter 6. Nonmarital cohabitation
    1. Economic Relations Between Nonmarital Cohabitants
      Michelle Marvin v. Lee Marvin (273) [Thursday, October 14]
      Donnis G. Whorton v. Benjamin F. Dillingham (283) [Thursday, October 14]
      Note on Sexual Services as Consideration
      Victoria L. Hewitt v. Robert M. Hewitt (287) [Thursday, October 14]
      Note on Legal Consequences of Unmarried Cohabitation
    2. Torts in Nonmarital Sexual Relationships
      Stephen K. v. Roni L. (295) [Thursday, October 14]
      Barbara A. v. John G. (298) [Thursday, October 14]
      Note on the Regulation of Lawyer-Client Sexual Relations
      Kathleen K. v. Robert B. (306) [Thursday, October 14]
      Note on Misrepresentations of Paternity

  3. Parenthood
    Chapter 7. Establishing or Avoiding Parenthood
    1. Sterilization and Individual Choices About Procreation
      Conservatorship v. Valerie N. (314)[Friday, October 15]
      Developments in the Law—The Constitution and the Family
      Linda Wimberly v. Labor and Industrial Relations Commission of Missouri (325) [Friday, October 15]
      Comment on The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993
      International Union, UAW v. Johnson Controls, Inc. (327) [Friday, October 15]
      Note on the Bona Fide Occupational Qualification (BFOQ) Defense Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act
    2. New Reproductive Technologies
      Hollinger, From Coitus to Commerce: Legal and Social Consequences of Noncoital Reproduction
      1. Artificial Insemination
        Jhordan C. v. Mary K. (338) [Monday, October 18]
      2. Surrogate Motherhood
        Matter of Baby M. (345) [Monday, October 18; Tuesday, October 19]
        Posner, The Ethics and Economics of Enforcing Contracts of Surrogate Motherhood
        Anna Johnson v. Mark Calvert (359) [Tuesday, October 19]
        Note on Enforceability of Surrogacy Contracts and Other Contractual Arrangements for the Surrender of Parental Rights
      3. In Vitro Fertilization
        Junior L. Davis v. Mary S. Davis (370) [Tuesday, October 19]
    3. Proof of Paternity
      Gregory L. Rivera v. Jean M. Minnich (381) [Wednesday, October 20]
      Charles W. Hanson v. Joann B. Hanson (385) [Wednesday, October 20]
      Estate of Raymond Lukas v. American National Bank and Trust Co. (387) [Wednesday, October 20]
      State ex. Rel. Greg L. Fleiger v. Richard L. Hendrickson (392) [Wednesday, October 20]
      Estate of Willis Cornelious (396) [Wednesday, October 20]
      Michael H. v. Gerald D. (400) [Wednesday, October 20]
      Note re Rights and Obligations of Putative Fathers of Children of Married Women
    4. Adoption
      Note on the Indian Child Welfare Act
      1. Rights of Unmarried Fathers
        Jonathan Lehr v. Lorraine Robertson (411) [Thursday, October 21]
      2. Rights of Mothers
        In re Timothy W. (422)
        Matter of Baby Boy L. (426) [Thursday, October 21]
      3. Adoption of Adults
        Matter of the Adoption of Robert Paul L. (428) [Thursday, October 21]
      4. Privacy Interests
        Ramona Humphers v. First Interstate Bank of Oregon (431) [Thursday, October 21]
      5. Torts
        M.H. v. Caritas Family Services (435)
        Note on Wrongful Adoption
    Chapter 8. Legal Consequences of Parenthood
    1. Support Obligations of Parents and Children
      Chambers, The Coming Curtailment of Compulsory Child Support
      Elrod, The Federalization of Child Support Guidelines
      Note on Uniform Support Legislation
      1. Relevance of Parental Conduct
        L. Pamela P. v. Frank S. (461) [Friday, October 22]
      2. Amount of Support
        Renee Gilley v. Paul McCarthy (464) [Friday, October 22]
        Fabienne White v. Maurice Marciano (467) [Monday, October 26]
      3. Children's Suits for Support
        Mary Roe v. John Doe (472) [Monday, October 26]
        Jennifer Jones v. Jimmy Jones (476) [Monday, October 26]
    2. Custody of Children
      Alison D. v. Virginia M. (480) [Monday, October 26]
    3. Torts
      1. Parental Responsibility for Children's Torts
      2. Children's Tort Claims Against Their Parents
      3. Wrongful Birth Actions
        Carol Burke v. Elliot Rivo (485) [Tuesday, October 26]
      4. Emotional Distress and Loss of Consortium
        1. Actions by Parents
          Patricia A.W. Ruth v. Harry Theodore Fletcher (489) [Tuesday, October 26]
          Joseph Bartanus, Sr. v. Bernard v. Lis. (493) [Tuesday, October 26; Wednesday, October 27]
        2. Actions by Children
          Vivian Villareal v. State of Arizona Dept. of Transportation (496) [Wednesday, October 27]
    4. Parent-Child Testimonial Privileges
    Chapter 9. State Regulation of Parenthood
    1. State Responses to Child Abuse and Neglect
      Besharov, Combating Child Abuse: Guidelines for Cooperation Between Law Enforcement and Child Protective Agencies
      Notes on Child Abuse Reporting Statutes
    2. State Regulation of Medical Treatment of Mothers
      Jessie M. Jefferson v. Griffin Spalding County Hospital (509) [Wednesday, October 27]
      Lawrence Taft v. Susan Taft (512) [Wednesday, October 27]
      Note on Mothers' Liability for use of Drugs During Pregnancy
    3. State Regulation of Medical Treatment of Children
      Parham v. J.R. (521) [Thursday, October 28]
      Matter of Joseph Hofbauer (527) [Thursday, October 28]
      William E. Weber, as Guardian ad Litem for Baby Jane Doe v. Stony Brook Hospital (530) [Thursday, October 28]
    4. Termination of Parental Rights
      John Santosky v. Bernhardt S. Kramer (532) [Thursday, October 28]
      Note on Right to Counsel in Termination of Parental Rights Cases
      Matter of Sanjivini K. (539) [Thursday, October 28]

  4. Dissolution of Marriage: The Process
    Chapter 10. Judicial Jurisdiction and Choice of Law
    1. Jurisdiction
      Note on Child Custody Jurisdiction and the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act (PKPA)
      Note on the Hauge Convention of the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (HCCAICA)
      1. Durational Residence Requirements
        Carol M. Sosna v. Iowa (547) [Friday, October 29]
      2. Nonresidents
        Ezra Kulko v. Superior Court (551) [Friday, October 29]
        Dennis Burnham v. Superior Court (559) [Friday, October 29]
      3. Diversity Jurisdiction
        Carol Ankenbrandt v. Jon Richards (564) [Friday, October 29]
    2. Recognition of Decrees of Other Courts
      1. State Courts
        Margaret E. Sherrer v. Edward C. Sherrer (569) [Monday, November 1]
        Benjamin Kreiger v. Ethel Kreiger (573) [Monday, November 1]
        Note on Maintenance and Property Rights After an Ex Parte Divorce Decree in Another State
        Olive Hudson v. James Hudson (576) [Monday, November 1]
        John H. Rudolf, Jr. v. Dolores M. Rudolf (579) [Monday, November 1]
      2. Foreign Courts
        Lewis S. Rosensteil v. Susan L. Rosensteil (582) [Monday, November 1]
      3. Annulment Actions
        Daniel G. Whealton v. Hazel L. Whealton (585) [Monday, November 1]
    Chapter 11. Grounds for Annulment or Divorce
    1. Annulment
      1. Grounds
        1. Fraud
          Michael Reynolds v. Bridget Reynolds (591) [Tuesday, November 2]
          Harvey A Westfall v. Florence E. Westfall (594) [Tuesday, November 2]
          George H. Woy v. Linda L. Woy (596) [Tuesday, November 2]
        2. Impotence
          Mildred Tompkins v. Howard Tompkins (598) [Tuesday, November 2]
          T. v. M. (600)
          Frances B. v. Mark B. Formerly Known as Marsha B. (602) [Tuesday, November 2]
      2. Annulment in the Catholic Church
      3. Consequences
        Sutton v. Leib (607) [Tuesday, November 2]
        Mimi S. Sefton v. Seibert L. Sefton (609) [Tuesday, November 2]
    2. Divorce (Dissolution of Marriage)
      Marriage of Robert L. Walton and Norma J. Walton (612) [Wednesday, November 3]
      William Diemer v. Gilberte Diemer (613) [Wednesday, November 3]
      James M. Ellam v. Ann L. Ellam (615) [Wednesday, November 3]
      Edward Brady v. Dorothy Brady (618) [Wednesday, November 3]
    Chapter 12. Legal and Other Provessional Services
    1. Professional Responsibility
      1. Standard of Care
        Disciplinary Proceedings Against Davis A. Donnelly (622) [Thursday, November 4]
        Marcella G. Aloy v. Eugene A. Mash (626) [Thursday, November 4]
        John F. McEvoy v. Wayne G. Helikson (630) [Thursday, November 4]
      2. Conflicting Interests
        Larry Jones v. Norma Jones (633) [Thursday, November 4]
        Myrna P. Levine v. Terry J. Levine (635) [Thursday, November 4]
        Beverly R. Mailer v. Norman K. Mailer (638) [Thursday, November 4]
    2. Representation of Children
      Guggenheim, The Right to Be Represented but Not Heard: Reflections on Legal Representation for Children
    3. Attorneys' Fees and Other Costs
      Gladys Boddie v. Connecticut (647) [Friday, November 5]
      Matter of Rhonda Smiley (652) [Friday, November 5]
      Florida Bar v. Rosemary W. Furman (654) [Friday, November 5]
      Ferro, Attorney's Fees in Dissolution of Marriage Cases—Is It Time for a Change?
      Department of Consumer Affairs, City of New York, Women in Divorce: Lawyers, Ethics, Fees & Fairness
    4. Alternative Dispute Resolution: Negotiation and Mediation
      Mnookin & Kornhauser, Bargaining in the Shadow of the Law: The Case of Divorce [Friday, November 5]
      Mazza, Divorce Mediation

  5. Dissolution of Marriage: The Consequences
    Glendon, Family Law Reform, In The 1980's [Monday, November 8]
    O'Connell, Alimony After No-Fault: A Practice in Search of a Theory [Monday, November 8]
    1. Federal Taxes and Divorce
      1. Income Taxes
      2. Wealth Transfer Taxes
    2. Bankruptcy and Divorce
    Chapter 13. Classification and Division of Acquisitions From Different Sources of Divorce or Death of A Spouse
    Should Your State Adopt UMPA? Yes, by June Miller Weisberger
    Should Your State Adopt UMPA? No, by Jackson M. Bruce, Jr.
    1. Computation and Treatment of Acquisitions From Different Sources During Marriage
      Walter Beam v. Bank of America (713) [Tuesday, November 9]
      Marriage of Esther and Richard Mix (718) [Wednesday, November 10]
      1. Appreciation of Separate Property
        Robert L. Jensen v. Burlene P. Jensen (722) [Wednesday, November 10]
        Don J. Simplot v. Sharidon L. Simplot (725) [Friday, November 12]
        Jacklynn N. Price v. Harold Price (738) [Friday, November 12]
      2. Appreciation of Property Acquired from Both Community (or Marital) and Separate Sources
        Marriage of Lydie D. and David E. Moore (734) [Friday, November 12]
        Sylvester E. Harper v. Amaryllis M. Harper (737) [Friday, November 12]
      3. Future Income from Past Services
        1. Pensions
          Duane Ablamis v. Gay. M. Roper (748) [Monday, November 15]
          Elise Gunn v. United Air Lines, Inc. (758) [Monday, November 15]
          Gerald E. Mansell v. Gayle M. Mansell (760) [Monday, November 15]
        2. Degrees, Licenses, Goodwill, and Celebrity Status
          Mark J. Drapek v. Celia M. Drapek (767) [Monday, November 15]
          Michael O'Brien v. Loretta O'Brien (771) [Monday, November 15]
          Gordon D. Haugan v. Patricia J. Haugan (778) [Monday, November 15]
          Willian deForest Thompson v. Tobitha Thompson (786) [Monday, November 15]
          James P. Dugan v. Rosaleen M. Dugan (789) [Monday, November 15]
          Frederica von Stade Elkus v. Peter Elkus (792) [Tuesday, November 16]
      4. Recoveries for Injuries
        Ronna Brown v. William L. Brown (796) [Tuesday, November 16]
        Steven W. Dalessio v. Kathleen M Dalessio (799) [Tuesday, November 16]
      5. Gifts and Bequests
        Dawn Lauricella v. Joseph Lauricella (805) [Tuesday, November 16]
    2. Assignment of Property on Divorce: Equitable Distribution
      1. Judicial Discretion
        Lisa Gussin v. Daniel A Gussin (800) [Wednesday, November 17]
        Nancy A.K. Rice v. John Rice (816) [Wednesday, November 17]
      2. Constitutional Issues
        Leona Addison v. Morton C. Addison (819) [Wednesday, November 17]
        Marriage of Harry and Ima N. Bouquet (824) [Wednesday, November 17]
      3. Conflict of Laws
        1. Property Acquired In Other States
          Sue A. Cameron v. Paul A. Cameron (827) [Thursday, November 18]
        2. Real Property Owned in Other States
      4. Fault as a Factor
        Linda Blickstein v. Arnold Blickstein (835) [Thursday, November 18]
        Marriage of Julia and Roy Cihak (840) [Thursday, November 18]
        Marriage of R.E.G. v. L.M.G. (841) [Thursday, November 18]
    3. Division of Property of Death of a Spouse
      Jacob Paley v. Bank of America N.T.S.A (845) [Friday, November 19]
      Note on the Uniform Disposition of Community Property Rights at Death Act
    Chapter 14. Spousal Support
    1. Rationale
      O'Connell, Alimony After No-Fault: A Paractice in Search of a Theory [Friday, November 19]
      Rutherford, Duty in Divorce: Shared Income as a Path to Equality [Friday, November 19]
      Abraham, "The Divorce Revolution" Revisited: A Counter-Revolution Critique [Friday, November 19]
    2. Relevance of Marital Fault
    3. Relevance of the Parties' Needs and Resources
      Lucy B. Williams v. Alfred Williams (879) [Monday, November 22]
      Jacqueline Kay v. Sidney G. Kay (885) [Monday, November 22]
    4. Duration of Support
      In re Marriage of Emmanual J. Otis v. Georgia C. Otis (888) [Monday, November 22]
      Marriage of Flora D. and Thomas G. Brantner (892) [Tuesday, November 23]
      Marriage of Elma M. and Thomas R. Wilson (895) [Tuesday, November 23]
    5. Modification or Termination of Support
      M.I. v. A.I. (898) [Tuesday, November 23]
      Isabellita S v. John S (900) [Tuesday, November 23]
      Dolores G. Smith v. Franklin R. Smith (901) [Wednesday, November 24]
      Norman G. Carter v. Pauline Carter (904) [Wednesday, November 24]
      Miriam Gerrits v. William Gerrits (906) [Wednesday, November 24]
      Sandra L. Gottsegen v. Robert S. Gottsegen (911) [Wednesday, November 24]
    Chapter 15. Custody, Visitation and Child Support
    1. Child Custody and Visitation
      1. Underlying Assumptions and Goals
        Czapanskiy, Volunteers and Draftees: The Struggle for Parental Equality [Monday, November 29]
        Chambers, Rethinking the Substantive Rules for Custody Disputes in Divorce
      2. Constitutional Issues
        Linda S. Palmore v. Anthony J. Sidoti (939) [Tuesday, November 30]
        Laurel D. Schutz v. Richard R. Schutz (942) [Tuesday, November 30]
        Carol L. Peterson v. Robert G. Peterson (944) [Tuesday, November 30]
      3. Relevance of Parental Gender, Behavior, and Relationships
        Linda R. v. Richard E. (949) [Tuesday, November 30]
        Marriage of Cheryll Cabalquinto and Ernest Cabalquinto (952) [Tuesday, November 30]
        Jean E. Morgan v. Eric A Foretich (956) [Wednesday, December 1]
      4. Relevance of Parental Disability
        Marriage of Ellen J. and William T. Carney (963) [Wednesday, December 1]
      5. Visitation by Grandparents and Stepparents
      6. Torts
        Joyce A. Politte v. Richard L. Politte (971) [Wednesday, December 1]
        Kenneth G. Lloyd v. Irma Loeffler and Alvin F. Loeffler (974) [Wednesday, December 1]
    2. Child Support
      1. Relevance of the Conduct of Parents and Child
        Paula Oeler v. Richard H. Oeler (978) [Thursday, December 2]
        Gerald Cohen v. Renata Schnepf (981) [Thursday, December 2]
        Gladys v. Miller v. Jay Miller (983) [Thursday, December 2]
      2. Relevance of the Parties' Resources
        1. Resources of the Child
          Carlene S. Sutliff v. Gregory L. Sutliff (990) [Thursday, December 2]
          Note on Effect of Child's Resources on Parental Support Obligation
        2. Unrealized Potential Earnings of the Obligor
        3. Remarriage or Birth of Additional Children to the Obligor
      3. Inclusion of College Expenses
        C. Stephen Connolly v. Janet A. Connolly (996) [Thursday, December 2]
        Joseph Kujawinski v. Betty Ann Kujawski (1000) [Friday, December 3]
      4. Duration of the Support Obligation
        Patsy S. Worford v. Willis G. Stamper, Jr. (1004) [Friday, December 3]
        Donna Jo Scott v. William L. Wagoner (1006) [Friday, December 3]
      5. Conflict of Laws
      6. Gail Elkind v. Sylvan Byck (1010) [Friday, December 3]
        Dorothy Haag v. Norman Barnes (1014) [Monday, December 6]

  6. Agreements in Family Law
    Chapter 16. Premarital Agreements and Nonmarital Cohabitation Agreements
    D. Westfall & G. Mair, Estate Planning Law & Taxation
    Glendon, Family Law Reform in the 1980's
    1. General Principles
      Marriage of Betty J. & James R. Dawley (1039) [Monday, December 6]
      David P. Osborne, Jr. v. Barbara M. Osborne (1044) [Monday, December 6]
      John Z. DeLorean v. Christina DeLorean (1047) [Monday, December 6]
      Clifford F. Favrot, Jr. v. Katherine B. Barnes [Tuesday, December 7] (1051)
    2. Disclosure and Duress
      Susan M. Stregack v. Sally D. Moldofsky (1052) [Tuesday, December 7]
      Linda Sheils v. J. Stephen Sheils (1054) [Tuesday, December 7]
      Catherine E.W. Simeone v. Frederick A. Simeone (1056) [Tuesday, December 7]
    3. Choice of Law
      In re Knippel's Estate (1060) [Tuesday, December 7]
      Leo B. Norris, Jr. v. Alice Norris (1065) [Tuesday, December 7]
      Patricia A. Lewis v. Daniel H. Lewis (1067) [Tuesday, December 7]
    4. Declaratory Judgments
      Sam Trossman v. Frances D. Trossman (1069) [Tuesday, December 7]
    5. Nonmarital Cohabitation Agreements
      Laura J. Donnell v. Conrad E. Stogel (1072) [Tuesday, December 7]
    Chapter 17. Separation Agreements
    1. Requirements of Validity and Extent of Judicial Review
      1. Fairness and Unconscionability
      2. Confidential Relationship
        Sharp, Fairness Standards and Separation Agreements: A Word of Caution on Contractual Freedom [Tuesday, December 7]
        Claire J. Glickman v. Hilda P. Collins (1091) [Tuesday, December 7]
        Helen S. Cohen v. Charles J. Cronin (1095) [Tuesday, December 7]
        George B. Martin, Jr. v. Sandra A. Martin (1097) [Tuesday, December 7]
        Marriage of David C. and Masako Moore (1101) [Tuesday, December 7]
        Marriage of Debra D. and Donald D. Brockman (1105) [Wednesday, December 8]
    2. Relationship Between Agreement and Divorce Decree and Modification of the Decree
      1. Enforcement Remedies
      2. Judicial Modification
    3. Provisions Dealing With Support and Custody of Children
    4. Provisions Dealing With Behavior of a Former Spouse
      Anne C. Bell v. Lowry M. Bell, Jr. (1111) [Wednesday, December 8]
      O'Connor Bros. Abalone Co. v. Marlon Brando (1116) [Wednesday, December 8]